Hey! Hi! An-yong-ha-sae-oh! I’m Jenn, and I am here to share what has worked for me (and what hasn’t) while going through my separation, divorce, remarriage, and blended family.

Wow, that’s a lot I guess! But I’ve been through a lot – and I assume you have too since you’re here. I also want to share the fun, weird, and totally REAL side to life after 40 – which has surprisingly turned into the best years of my life.

But that doesn’t really tell you much about me does it?

so real quick – the generic ‘about me’ stuff:

I love my family. This includes my giant pit bull, two weird cats, and the humans. Oh right – the humans. I love my husband (my second marriage) and my kids, being a mom and step mom to two daughters and a son.

Other things I love: Korean food. I’m half Korean, so duh! Chocolate covered gummy bears – please don’t judge. These are addictive and I have the worst sugar shakes after gorging on them. I love watching YouTube videos (but I don’t know how all of a sudden it becomes 2am). I love pizza rolls and wine. Like, together.

What I dislike: 4-way stops. Avocados. I know, guys. I may lose you right there. Cilantro (I have no words here, just no). Exercising. I don’t enjoy it, but I realize my body and mind deserve it so I’m working on doing better. Having due dates (I’m a procrastinator/self-saboteur). I’m working on this too.

What turns me on: Cool quotes…they tend to be the things that I inherently know, but can’t articulate. Mel Robbins – I enjoy her direct and blunt attitude, but with a hefty dose of love. Rachel Macy Stafford – just wow. She doesn’t know it yet, but we’re best friends. I also dig all things self empowering, and insightful.

why am I here?

Well, to start…I’m also an ex-wife. I went through a challenging first marriage (challenging is a great word to mask all those expletives that come to mind, isn’t it?) to a toxic individual, then found my strength when I finally woke up 7 years later to realize I had two little girls watching me – watching what I was willing to put up with, watching me as I phoned my life in, and watching me living in an abusive marriage.

I saw that I was teaching them that their happiness and confidence shouldn’t be their priority.

I woke up.

I had an awakening.

It was both devastating and beautiful at the same time.

I went through life until that point feeling very small, making everyone else feel comfortable, apologizing for being me, and uncertain of my place or purpose in this world.

I had few friends. I had few family members to help guide me. But I helped myself and discovered my own path and independence. I didn’t have much of a choice. Life – and God or spirit or both – guided me to new friends, amazing resources, and challenges that pushed me forward. I discovered ME, an incredible life, and a purpose.

I hope my insight and my school of hard knocks experience can help you, too.