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how long will you be a victim?


When we feel betrayed, hurt, or upset – some of us (#shootshandinair) will cave inward into the feeling of ‘not enough’.  Whether you’ve been slighted by a partner, friend, or something has happened at work – there is a feeling of anger, sadness, betrayal or frustration that... Read More

how to communicate with a narcissist


If anything will give you heartburn and overall anxiety, it might be when you have to respond or communicate with your ex. Here’s how to communicate with a narcissist. You probably already know this – but it’s best to only respond or communicate when necessary. Take your... Read More

questions to ask a divorce lawyer


If you are getting ready to separate/divorce, interviewing at least two attorneys is an excellent idea.  Some attorneys are more aggressive than others – some want to stay out of the courtroom.  Let your conscience be your guide, but be ready to ask some good questions to... Read More

preparing to divorce an abusive partner


First of all, I’m sorry that your relationship is ending.  Unless it was abusive and soul sucking.  In that case, I’m proud of you for taking a huge step in taking care of yourself.  It’s not an easy decision to come to. There are so many reasons it... Read More

go on with your brave self


There are so many things that are different about me, now 6 years post-divorce.  It’s actually pretty incredible when I look back on the person I was, seeing how insecure I was, and how cloudy my judgment and mind were. My husband and I just saw the... Read More

parallel parenting – 6 steps to help


I remember when I was finally on my own after being separated, and how much weight I put on being ‘the perfect mom’, especially at that immediate time.  It’s pretty obvious why we hold so much weight on being perfect – we have so much guilt about... Read More

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