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i hope you still have hope (2020 shitshow)

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Hi to all my Persisters out there – I’ve been thinking about everyone lately, knowing there are many of you still stuck inside with someone toxic.  Or perhaps you’ve lost your job and are feeling the intense burden and anxiety that this creates.  Maybe you’ve lost a loved one during these confusing times.  My hope is that you remain hopeful and lean into your soul and spirit for guidance. When something is not right with your soul, it clouds your entire being.

You know that whole ‘think positive’ thing, which I am a firm believer in but also want to punch people who throw it at me left and right?  Well – ok, so it does work, but I found there is a bit of a secret to it.  We all know the basics, right?  Think about what we want, not what we don’t; don’t judge; be grateful, etc. etc.

The bigger part of getting to your goal, though, whether that is a new job, a new life, a new talent – is to visualize the end result.  What does it FEEL like to receive that new job?  How does it FEEL to have your new place or new life?  What are all the emotions you are feeling knowing you have what you have worked for?  Really feel those emotions.  Yes, it requires a bit of ‘play pretend’ but take 5-10 minutes daily to visualize the end game – those vibes are huge in manifesting what you are waiting to achieve.  Just do it, it can’t hurt to try it for a while, and at the very least – your whole mood will improve for a few minutes each day.

I know I have felt hope waning as the political landscape of the country has continued to be fueled by narcissism, apathy, ignorance, and contempt.  I’m reeling from the death of RBG. Seriously – I’m rocked by it, and sad to not be able to mourn her passing – instead consumed by fear for the future.  I’m sad that she held on with that frail, petite frame as long as she could, to continue to advocate for equality – as opposed to being able to retire peacefully long ago.  I can only hope that these tragedies are a new beginning for all of us, I still hold hope in old adages that Good overcomes Evil.

My hope is that anyone out there that is feeling desperate, alone, or hopeless – you are not your feelings.  I have been there, I know what you’re going through…truly I do.  But take baby steps to rise up. Think about your perfect situation.  Feel what it will feel like.  Continue to hope and plan for a better tomorrow.  Love you!



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