8 things i wish i knew before separating

So you either had an ‘aha!’ moment regarding leaving your marriage, or it wasn’t up to you.  Maybe you both knew this was not going to get better.  Whatever your situation, I’m sharing what I wish I knew before separating a long time ago.  FWIW, I left my marriage and it was not an option when that became clear to … Read More

am i screwing up my kids?

Drop the guilt. I decided to create this blog to be a resource or a shoulder for a woman that feels lost, alone, defeated, or unsupported.  I started this because when I was becoming divorced with 2 small children, the only things I could find on ‘divorce support’ or ‘separation guidance’ were checklists on ‘how to know if your marriage … Read More

i know you

Hey – don’t I know you?   You’re the woman down the street from me…the one that I look up at briefly at and give a quick wave to as I keep walking my dog.  Or you’re the colleague at work that I chat with sometimes in the breakroom – the woman who is both on-trend who has gorgeous family pictures … Read More

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