parallel parenting – 6 steps to help

I remember when I was finally on my own after being separated, and how much weight I put on being ‘the perfect mom’, especially at that immediate time.  It’s pretty obvious why we hold so much weight on being perfect – we have so much guilt about having to go through a divorce at all, what we think the kids … Read More

freedom and chaos – single after a toxic relationship

So you have made the difficult transition and had the courage to leave your toxic relationship. If this is the case, I’m really proud of you.  When I was finally “free” from under the same roof as my ex, I think the idea of that freedom was very different than the reality.  It was all totally worth it, and I … Read More

8 signs you are in a relationship with a narcissist (and what to do about it)

When I read about narcissistic personality disorder, it was mind blowing.  Honestly?  I just thought my ex was unable to argue effectively.  I thought I could fix it. I read all about effective arguing, all about how we should say things like “when you say this, it makes me feel _____”.  I even tried writing letters when I was too … Read More

move on after abuse…because you’re worth it

I’m sure you’ve had more than few bad days in the chaos of your marriage or relationship ending.  Too sharp a tongue with the kids, taking something to a level 10 when normally it would be a 2, forgetting things when you are normally like an elephant.  For me, it solidly felt like I was a different person and that … Read More

momming on your own

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I was a pseudo-single mom for about 5 years after separating from my ex-husband. That’s what I call it at least – a pseudo single parenthood, where my custody schedule was split 50/50 and my girls had two loving parents, just at different times. Those years were both happy and terrifying.  I found myself to be a bit of a … Read More

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